The roof over your head might not be as stable as it may seem. Sure, you expect it to be there all day, every day, protecting your home, everything and everyone inside from the elements. The roof releases unwanted heat in the summer and keeps out the cold in the winter. So what do you do if your roof is flawed or in danger of collapsing?

You would certainly have to replace it. Of course, this assumes that you know your roof needs to be replaced. These are some of the clear signs that you may need a new roof.

Nearly every roofing material, from clay to wood or asphalt, lasts between 20 and 30 years. A roof that’s 25 years or older is in danger of some serious problems, like leaking or collapsing.

If you notice a pattern of neighbors replacing or fixing their roofs, you may want to follow in their example. After all, your home was probably built around the same time as theirs.

Damaged shingles are another sign a roof may need to be replaced. When shingles warp, changing shape and loosening from the roof’s surface, this is a sign of water damage or even mold. The wind and rain can cause shingles to loosen, crack, or even disappear. If you see this happening all over your roof, it’s time for a replacement.

If you have an asphalt roof, the granules on the top layer of each shingle are a type of sunscreen for them. This is necessary because sun on asphalt creates dangerous heat. An overheated roof will become a warped one. If you see granules dripping from your roof or ending up in your gutters, the sun is already starting to tear into your roof.

Mold can unfortunately eat away at your roof, no matter what it’s made of, leaving dark patches, soft spots, or even holes behind. Mold is a living being, and an aggressive one. It will grow to consume and break down your entire home if you don’t replace the roof.

A sagging roof is suffering from structural problems. The decking or supports that hold up your roof are in danger of collapsing. Repairs or replacement are a must to prevent this from happening.

Light is another sign of a roof in need of replacement. No one likes a dark and creepy attic, but they have to be that way. Sunlight has no business entering your attic. If you see light, that means that water, mold, and even pests can enter these holes and wreak havoc on the interior. Small holes can be patched and repaired, but if there are too many holes, you’re better off having it replaced.

If your roof has to be replaced, you might be horrified. How much is this going to cost? How long will the new roof last? We at Maestro Contracting Group, LLC., understand your fears, but we’re a high-quality roofing contractor that’s fully licensed and insured. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and even offer warranties on the work we do so that you can trust in the quality of your new roof. We also care about pricing, so we offer a price match guarantee, as well as free inspections and a free quote.

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